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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Another Handmade Lampshade Order in Process

I started handmade lampshade order today for another lamp that was 40 years old and still had the original shade. I am remaking the shade, which was a drum shade. Here is a little of the process.

First make the pattern on styrene. Then cut out the pattern and fit it to the rings.

After refitting and gluing, the shade is ready for trim. The finial she chose looks like a diamond.
After the trim is selected, it will be ready for the antique lamp looking like a new one.
If you have an old lamp with a shade that is falling apart, don't throw it away. Call me for an estimate. Most shades cost around $75 for drums this size. This is another way to help our environment by repurposing old items that still look great but need some fixing up. AND it is a lot cheaper than replacing the lamp with something similar.

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