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Monday, November 29, 2010

Girly Green Christmas Ornaments for Fun

Aren't these christmas ornaments that cutest!  They are so girly and fun.   And, for only $3.29, they are so affordable.  I love the design of the dress.  It makes me want to turn and swirl around.  "I feel pretty!"  Now what movie was that from?  Sound of Music?  Hmm.

You can see more of these fun ornaments at Bargain Express

Friday, November 26, 2010

Handmade Teacup Lamps

I just added seven more handmade teacup lamps to my website.  I made them for the Erie Craft Guild's fall show.  They are all different and one of a kind. Each is made with a ceramic teacup, electric candle lamp which uses a 15-watt candleabra light bulb, silk flowers, and a handmade lampshade to make the teacup. For $30 plus shipping, these make great Christmas gifts.

I'm hoping to find more teacups while out shopping today so I can make some more lamps.

Birds in White

Maroon Shade Red Roses Teacup

Falling Leaves

Pink Teacup

Red Roses

Violet Teacup

Morning Glory

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lampshade Lining Replaced

Replaced lining of lampshade I just finished replacing the lining on this lampshade today.  The outside, though old, was in great shape.  The lining; however, had shredded due to using too high of a wattage light bulb.  I was able to remove the trim and lining without destroying the outer fabric and sew in a new one. 

Not all shades are as easily done as this one was.  Sometimes when the trim is applied, it is so attached to the fabric that the outer fabric rips and can’t be repaired.  This was a nice surprise.

I hope the customer is pleased when she sees it this week.

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Erie Guild Fall Craft Show 2010

Erie Craft Guild 2010 002

Had a great day today in Erie at Zem Zem.  Lots of people came out even though the day started out to be cold and snowy.  I’m so thankful that the snow did not accumulate and the sun came out to warm it up just a bit.  This is an encouraging sign for the economy if people are out buying crafts even when companies are laying off.  I’m $20 short of what I made last year in two days and I still have another day to go.

I didn’t have all the items I’ve had in the past.  In fact, I only had one table.   I also only had four treasure boxes and the rest were lamps; no suncatchers, no soap, no tassel dolls.  I sold four lamps:

Erie Craft Guild 2010 003

The first one to go was the lavender teacup pictured here on the bottom right.






Then a lady bought two lamps:  This lighthouse and the Red Hat Teapot lamp.  redlighthouselampecrater2RedHatTeapot






The last sale of the day was the crazy cats and dogs lamp.  I was wondering if that was ever going to go but the right person hadn’t shown up until today and now it is being enjoyed in their home.dogsandcatsecrater

It was encouraging to know that once again people are out buying and appreciating handmade in the USA.

Erie Craft Guild 2010 004  Erie Craft Guild 2010 005 Erie Craft Guild 2010 006 Erie Craft Guild 2010 008 Erie Craft Guild 2010 009Erie Craft Guild 2010 007 

I hope tomorrow is even better than today.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

We created this sport lamp for a child’s room just recently.  I found these cute little baseballs and mini, mini bats which my husband attached to the base along with the electric candle.

baseballminiecrateroff The base is a medium brown that measures 6” across with the 53” electric cord with on/off switch coming out the side.  The lamp is 11” high and uses a 15-watt candelabra bulb so it’s perfect for a night light. 

I covered the candle part with the same fabric as the shade to give it a more cohesive look.  The handmade lampshade is hard plastic covered with 100% cotton fabric with baseball, basketball, golf, football, and soccer pictures on a light yellow background with colored swirls in between.

I think it turned out really cute and would be an adorable baby shower gift or birthday present for a young child.  You can find it at and

Friday, October 15, 2010

Floral Painted Vase

Isn't this a beautiful vase?   You can find it at Barb's Bargains on eCrater.  I love cutting flowers and bringing them into pretty vases.  There are some other nice bargains on her site as well.  There is even a Santa teapot!  No, I won't turn it into a teapot lamp but it would be cute.  Check out her site at

Bargain Express Handcrafted Jewelry Trinket Box

Handcrafted Jewelry Trinket Box Ivory With Blue Jewelry Findings Accents
I found this wonderful box at practical to collectible, rare to downright odd, you'll find it all at bargain express.  There you will find books, clothing, collectible glass, jewelry and more. I think this jewelry box is exquisite and would be perfect for jewelry.  Check out her site.

comycgyrl at ecrater

Check out this adorable teapot set.  Isn't it the cutest?  I love making teapot lamps with teapots but I'd never do it to this cute set.  You can find this and some other awesome finds at  She has a fun blog at  She is also great at helping others in promoting their businesses.  I've never met anyone who was so knowledgeable about business on the web.  She has fabulous finds for sale on her eCrater store.  Check it out soon!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Handmade Green Silk Rose Victorian Lamp and Shade

Green Silk Rose Victorian Lamp and Shade

I love the color combination of green and black on this hand-sewn lampshade.  The light green silk fabric just seems to pop with the black and gold lace trim down the vertical ribs.  I found this wonderful green chiffon rose trim and bead fringe at my favorite store in Cortland, Ohio...Quilter's Fancy.  Cindy (great name!) helped me pick it out.
The lamp base is an antique I found on one of my shopping excursions in Chautauqua County.  I love the porcelain roses that stand out on the white porcelain base.  The marble square on the bottom is perfect to make it exquisite looking.  I added a small gold finial to the top to hold the lampshade in place.

This is one of the rare shades that I've lined with white fabric.  The lamp uses a 40-watt bulb for soft mood lighting.  The lamp measures 19" high, perfect for a bedroom or sitting room.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Walls That Talk?

Check out this cool site about walls that talk...

  Isn't this cool?  I can see some of these sayings on my new piano studio walls.  Can't wait to get it up and running.  It will also be my gift shoppe for Exquisite Things.  I think this wall art would be perfectly exquisite there!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Artists of Ring Around A Rosy

Handmade soaps, root candles, fabric purses and laptop bags, jewelry, pottery, painted china, painted wine glasses…There are too many artists Back Camerarepresented at Ring Around A Rosy to count!  This is just a small picture of the items available in downtown Warren, PA.  Oh, and my lamps too!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Making Teacup Lamps - Part 1

Cleaned Teacup Saucers and Cups
I'm in the process of making 23 more teacup lamps and lampshades.  The first step was cleaning them and getting the stickers off.

Gluing cup and saucer
Next comes gluing the teacup to the saucer.  It takes a while as the glue has to set overnight.  It is also very stinky.  But the E6000 gives a nice, tight hold on the ceramic.

Philipines teacup saucer. Made in 1983.
Some of the teacups come from interesting places like China, Japan, and this one from the Philipines.  It was made in 1983.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Ring Around A Rosy Warren’s Gift Shop

Back Camera

Today I took five of my lamps to Ring Around A Rosy gift shop in Warren, PA.  Dan, the owner, was so encouraging and helpful.  This is a wonderful upscale type artist gallery.  The items are handmade by local artists and are very beautiful.  The location is great as it is downtown Warren, which is a very quaint type town.  There are two other gift shops in town.  I was able to visit one that was part of a floral shop.  The other one was closed until August 30th.  I’m hoping to make another trip to Warren to see that one next week. 

The five lamps that are in his shop are:

magnoliaecrater Magnolia Teapottealwaterslighthouseecrater Teal Waters Lighthousewhiteroseteacupecraterfront White Rosebearsilhouettelampecrater White Birch Silhouettebluewineecrater Blue Wine

If you are in the area, stop in and say “hi” to Dan and tell him I sent you.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Handmade Horse Lamp

I found this cute horse lamp base at a garage sale; it was just waiting for a new handmade shade.  I couldn't resist when I saw this fabric with horse heads all over.  My husband cleaned it up a bit and added a new socket and now it's ready to light up someone's room.  You can read more about it on my website at or
Handmade Horse Lamp

Monday, July 19, 2010

Jefferson Post - Shades of Nature Lamp shades fashioned of natural materials

I found this article on google when doing a search for lamps. I think their work with botanical lampshades is wonderful. Just take a look at this lamp ...

Jefferson Post - Shades of Nature Lamp shades fashioned of natural materials

For Jane and Michael Floyd, nature has become a living and a lifestyle.The couple owns Shades of Nature Studio and Gallery in Mouth of Wilson, VA, specializing in unique lamp shades fashioned – not just from images of nature — but pieces of it.Jane’s mother was an artist and involved her children in gardening and enjoyment of wildflowers and plants. So she grew up familiar with woodland flora like Jack in the Pulpit, Trillium and Birdfoot Violets.Part of her experience growing up surrounded by plants involved pressing them, the way that many current-day adults did in childhood—by placing flowers between sheets of waxed paper and ironing them or gluing them together.They became such favorites that she made them a part of her lifetime of art.But that’s getting ahead of things.The idea for her unique art form developed 37 years ago when her mother asked that they do something with an old lampshade. Jane and Michael had an old collection of pressed flowers belonging to her mother, so they incorporated the pressings into the gift and it exists to this day.Ultimately that led to a business contact who had seen the work and wanted to mass produce the works, which they did for many years.In the mid 1970s, the couple bought a home in Mouth of Wilson and got to know people in the community.Their son bought what is known as the old post office near the intersection of Hwy 16 and Hwy 58. The building has become a studio and galley of lamps, shades, wall art and sun catchers. The greatest part of the display is the pressed flower and paper cut collages that include images of birds and other pieces of nature.The beginning of the flower pressing operation is done the old-fashioned way – spreading petals and laying them on a board to be covered and weighted.The years have led to lots of experimentation with different colors, materials and techniques for using them to best and long-lasting effect. Michael handles minor lamp repair for customers and creates turned lamp bases. A recent endeavor has been use of reclaimed wood from area sheds. Several are creatively crafted American Chestnut that no longer exists, living in the wild. It can only be found in the many structures built from it a century or more ago.The couple markets to the region through craft shows like Christmas in July. They do most of their shopping in Ashe so they are connected to the Jeffersons. They also plan to be part of the Grayson Artisans 2010 Studio Tour July 24 and 25. At the end of the day, gardening is still on Jane’s mind. “I can’t wait to get home to my garden. I nurture it. It nurtures me. We nurture each other.”

You can see more at their website:

Handmade Maroon Teacup Accent Lamp

Handmade Maroon Teacup Accent Lamp.

Sweet is the first word I think of when I look at this teacup lamp that I just made.  The roses all over the ceramic teacup and saucer are accented by the pink silk flowers and white stem silk flowers that I've added to the teacup.  I handmade the hardbacked, maroon fabric shade to match the deeper colored roses in the teacup base.  It is clipped onto a 15-watt candelabra bulb on the electric candle that I also placed in the teacup.  It has an on/off switch on the 6' ivory cord.  Since it is only 10-3/4" tall, it will fit nicely under a cupboard in a kitchen.

It's available on my website at

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Handmade White Rose Teacup Accent Lamp

A Handmade White Rose Teacup Accent Lamp is this week’s feature.  The ceramic teacup is one that I received from my Grandmother.  It came with live flowers to her for some special occasion or a visit to the hospital.  I’ve added white silk roses to the teacup and lace with a little babies breath around where the cup and saucer are joined. 
The handmade, hardback shade is made with pink and maroon roses all over cotton fabric.  It is trimmed with the same fabric.  The accent lamp uses an electric candle with a 7-watt light bulb with a 69” (almost 6’) cord with on/off switch. 
It measures10-1/2” high and would fit perfectly under a kitchen cabinet or on a guest bathroom shelf.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Handmade Brown Paisley Teapot Lamp

This week I’m focusing on the brown paisley teapot lamp I just made.  It has a ceramic teapot, which I purchased at  craft store.  The teapot has a brown leaf-like design on a white background.

My husband drilled a hole through the lid and lower part to insert the lamp parts.  The six-foot cord is ivory with an on/off switch on it.  The lamp uses a 15- or 25-watt candelabra bulb. 

The clip-on, handmade shade is hardbacked and covered with brown cotton.  It is trimmed with white french braid gimp and brown beaded fringe.

This reminds me of the decorating style in the 90s where everything was earth tones.  So if you know someone who loves earth tones and teapots, this would be a perfect gift.  It measures 12-1/2” high so it would fit under a kitchen counter.  It would also look great on a hall table.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Handmade Grandma's Pink Pearl Teacup Lamp

Handmade Grandma's Pink Pearl Teacup Lamp

This teacup lamp reminds me of my Grandma. She loved pink. The ceramic teacup is glued to the saucer and has pink pearls to cover the connection between them. The teacup is filled with white flowers rimmed with pink, some spiky white and pink flowers (Grandma had a little spunk too!) and greenery. The electric candle lamp has on/off switch on the six foot cord. It uses a 7-watt candelabra bulb. The handmade lampshade has purple and pink peony (may be roses) on a white background. It measures 10-1/2" tall and would fit nicely underneath a kitchen cabinet for a night light.

You can buy it at my webstore:

Friday, May 28, 2010

Handmade Black Paisley Teacup Light


This week I’m showing you the black teacup lamp with handmade shade.  The fabric for the shade is a black silk and looks very classy against the white gimp trim. 

I added white silk flowers to the teacup, along with an electric candle lamp.  A little black cord around the base of the teacup is just the touch to finish off this classy teacup lamp.

At 10-1/4” high, this would be perfect under a kitchen cabinet acting as a night light.

This is a one-of-a-kind gift for that special friend who loves tea accessories.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Handmade Brown Teacup Lamp

This week’s focus is on my brown teacup lamp.  I describe the ceramic teacup as paisley.  What do you think?  It has leafy like brown lines on the white background.  I filled the teacup with browns and light orange silk flowers, added an electric candle lamp with on/off switch on the six foot cord.  It uses a 7-watt candelabra bulb.  Then I made the hardback fabric shade using a brown cotton and trimmed it with a light brown gimp.  It measures 10” high and is for sale on my website at:

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Quilters’ Haven

I just delivered this custom-made lampshade to Quilters’ HavenShoop 004 in Jamestown, NY. Jan, the shop owner, has this wonderful fabric with pins on it. It was perfect was a sewing shop. She has matching fabric available for quilting also.

Shoop 007

This would make an awesome gift for a sewing or quilting friend or for yourself. It took one and a half yards of fabric to make this shade. It is a hardbacked shade made on styrene, a white, durable plastic.

Here is a picture with the light on. We set it on her counter for now but it is on a side counter where she needed more light. It fit perfectly in the spot and really shows off her products. It warms up the spot nicely.

Speaking of her products, she not only has quilting fabrics and sewing notions but she also has items that local crafters have made. Items such as hand painted porcelain needle cases and wooden stools and hand painted wood ornaments.

So if you are in Chautauqua County as a resident or visiting Lake Chautauqua, stop by Quilters’ Haven at 115 McDaniel Avenue in Jamestown. If you need directions, you can call the shop at 716-665-6524. She is open Monday and Tuesdays from noon to 9:00 p.m. and Wednesday through Saturday from 10:00a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Jan has decorated the shop to give a feeling of comfort and beauty. If you live in the area or are here for a few days, check out the many classes she has available.

If you get hungry while shopping, there is a new sub shop opening up right next door.

Did I mention she has LOTS of thread and buttons for sale too?