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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Erie Guild Fall Craft Show 2010

Erie Craft Guild 2010 002

Had a great day today in Erie at Zem Zem.  Lots of people came out even though the day started out to be cold and snowy.  I’m so thankful that the snow did not accumulate and the sun came out to warm it up just a bit.  This is an encouraging sign for the economy if people are out buying crafts even when companies are laying off.  I’m $20 short of what I made last year in two days and I still have another day to go.

I didn’t have all the items I’ve had in the past.  In fact, I only had one table.   I also only had four treasure boxes and the rest were lamps; no suncatchers, no soap, no tassel dolls.  I sold four lamps:

Erie Craft Guild 2010 003

The first one to go was the lavender teacup pictured here on the bottom right.






Then a lady bought two lamps:  This lighthouse and the Red Hat Teapot lamp.  redlighthouselampecrater2RedHatTeapot






The last sale of the day was the crazy cats and dogs lamp.  I was wondering if that was ever going to go but the right person hadn’t shown up until today and now it is being enjoyed in their home.dogsandcatsecrater

It was encouraging to know that once again people are out buying and appreciating handmade in the USA.

Erie Craft Guild 2010 004  Erie Craft Guild 2010 005 Erie Craft Guild 2010 006 Erie Craft Guild 2010 008 Erie Craft Guild 2010 009Erie Craft Guild 2010 007 

I hope tomorrow is even better than today.

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