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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Handmade Mini Polo Victorian Lamp and Shade

MinipoloMy focus lamp this week is Mini Polo. The hexagon shade is hand sewn with cream moiré fabric with sugar beading over rose decals in window panels. It has cream colored trims over each rib, top wire, and around the window wires. The fringe is cream colored also. It is not lined. Minipolocloseup

Sugar beading is a technique done with tiny glass beads and decoupage. It sparkles when the light is on.

The base is a bronze color metal with leaf decorations and raised round circles. It is light weight.


The lamp measures 17" High including the shade. The brown electrical cord is 7 foot. This lamp will take up to a 40-watt bulb in the single turn socket.

You can purchase this lamp at my website:

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