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Thursday, April 22, 2010


I received a card in the mail from a satisfied customer today and it blessed me so much that I had to share it here.laketathanks   I have received thanks before by phone calls or emails but never by a card with an extra tip included!  It made me cry.  I have been feeling such a heaviness in my spirit lately and this lifted me way up. 

“What’s the big deal?  It’s just a card.”  You might say that.  But it IS a big deal today because 99% of the people I know never say thank you for anything.  If people aren’t able to express thanks to humans, how can they express it to a loving heavenly Father?  Is it really that hard to appreciate what other people do for us?  Or do we just expect it as due to us?  Two little words that are so hard for people to say…“thank you”.

This card immediately caused me to want to do something else for this customer.  I wonder if that’s how God feels?  When we are grateful and express it to Him, does it make Him feel like doing more for us?  I think so. 

I’m saying here on my blogs “thank you” for being my friends, for reading my thoughts and not criticizing me, to customers – again thank you for allowing me to help you redecorate your home or for purchasing a gift from me.  I do pray for each of you that God’s light will shine through the items you’ve purchase and you’ll know His love today.

Thank you!

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