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Monday, March 14, 2011

Rose Chair

I found these old chairs at an antique/flea market shop last weekend. They are perfect for my new shop, Exquisite Things.  I wanted a wingback chair with a table next to it to display a lamp; however, these two chair around the table will do nicely.  I will be refinishing the wood and replacing the fabric in the seat. 
The fabric is nice but old.  I prefer new looking.
I love the hand carved rose detail.


Darleen said...

if you don't mind - how much did you pay for those chairs? I have two just like it at home, and I was going to give them away and figured I'd make sure they weren't antiques before I did because the detailing is so beautiful. just curious.

Lightbringer said...

Hi Darleen, I found these two chairs at a flea market for $5 each! My husband reglued the joints and applied a sealer and I remade the seat cushion. Such a deal. I'll probably sell them for $25 each.

Thanks for asking.