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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

About my Work Space

I am blessed to have a craft room in my basement where I can escape to work. My husband spent hours building walls and installing cabinets with his father. I have a place for most everything. I say most because I don't know any crafter that can resist buying more craft supplies! The picture above is after the room was first finished. I'm too embarrassed to show you what it looks like now!
I have wonderful lighting with four florescent bulbs in each light area. There are four areas all within 22 feet.
This is also my laundry area, which works out great as I frequently need to wash or iron my fabrics. I have a sewing area, an embroidery area, and a work area for making my lampshades, as well as two wing back chairs in which to relax and work on my handmade items.

I am looking for organization ideas for silk flowers. Right now they are in vases on top of the counter. I'm also looking for ways to store lots of ribbon spools. I like to see what I have so that I don't forget about it. Every cabinet door and drawer is labeled with what it contains. I purchased some of the plastic drawers for my lampshade making trims so they are always within easy reach. The scrapbooking supplies are also in a plastic three drawer on rollers.
Since I use a laptop, it is easy to work anywhere on the necessary book work. I'm usually sitting at my desk in the other area of the basement.
So that's where I work when I'm creating the lampshades and gift boxes and suncatchers and just about every other craft I enjoy making.

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