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Thursday, November 6, 2008

WQLN Craft Show 2008

So here it is another year has passed and I'm ready to do WQLN again. I'm hoping that it is as good as last year even with the economy supposedly being down. I only have an 8' table this year instead of a 14'. I'll have the lamps, treasure gift boxes, and suncatchers. I haven't decided whether I'll put out the bouncy ball soaps; maybe just the little tub. I have from 8a. until 1p. to set up. I'm not sure whether I'll have electric or not so I've printed my inventory list and will take a calculator just in case. Last year we had to put shims under the table as the floor was uneven, so I've packed some of those. I'm doing this one alone as I was able to fit everything in the car.

Tonight we went to the Erie Guild Craft meeting where they told us that there were 1300 people in attendance at the show in October. I hope WQLN has a lot more than that. Tomorrow is going to be a big day for me so off to bed I go.

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