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Monday, November 24, 2008

Important Things in My Workspace

What important items do I keep in my workspace? Tools such as scissors, pins, rulers, all the necessary items for sewing as well as a variety of glues for different purposes. Materials like luscious chiffons, and silks and lots and lots of cotton fabrics. Flowers for decorating the teacup and teapot lamps are always in abundance. Clothespins! Can't make decorative table lamps or any other kind of novelty or accent lamps without clothespins! And what victorian lamp would be complete without lace and fringe. I have lots of lace and fringe in my stash. The victorian suncatchers need rings and gimp and decals to be completed. I also keeps lots and lots of books and magazines about crafts and pictures of lamps.

Oh and lastly, I keep my prayers for each product that I make flowing in abundance to God.

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